Saturday, November 27, 2010


Well, it's over six months now that I'm into blogging, and disregarding the five months that I left my blog idle, it feels great. The good news now, is that this is not the only blog that I write on, by now, I've diversified a little bit - there are a few more blogs than this that I regularly write on.
These indeed are not blogs that I own, like this one - these instead are websites in existence for a while now, run by other companies, and have made quite some name in the webspace. I'm just hired as the editor for these blogs, more like an employee.

So now, these are the blogs that I write on these days, besides this one:

Here, I cover stuff about Nokia 5800, and Symbian Series 60 5th Edition OS. Everything right from features, tips, apps and games to brand new releases, news from the arena etc are covered. Did you know that the new Ovi Suite is right around the corner? Or that the Opera Mobile has just grown up to version 10.1? For all this and more, jump right in!

Ever fancied ripping your phone apart yourself? Or how about spending some time helping a bunch of monkeys find their way home?
This is a similiar blog to the one above, the only difference here is that Nokia 5230 is the prime focus here. Here too, apps, news, and similar stuff are covered.
One the above two blogs, I post on a regular basis, nearly one post per day.

This is a general technology blog, with a special inclination to mobile technology. This too is a regularly updated blog, with new news coming in every day - but as I am just one among the bloggers for the site, my posts will not be as frequent as on the above two blogs.
My posts on this site primarily focuses on personal technology issues and an occasional review, rather than tech news and updates.

The catch is, on these blogs, I post much more frequently than here - that's because I'm supposed to do nothing less than that - it's a matter of making my bosses happy and getting paid. But back here, since this is my personal blog, I'm free to post whenever I'm ready and down and feel like it's time for a post (and that's exactly the reason why I don't post most of the time). Also, the other blogs are strictly dedicated to technology and mobile-phone buzz, but this one on the other hand, is about just anything - which essentially means this is the only place you'll find the trademark philosophy posts.

The bottomline, of course, is that same old cliche of a request - I've been enjoying quite much support on this blog, and I expect the same from all of you on the other blogs of mine - so long, guys!