Friday, April 9, 2010

The Blog Preamble

Friends, I'm back. This time with my Blog Preamble. My apologies about the 'iPad' thing - it will follow real soon. Probably tomorrow.

Like every big-and-boring things, I decided my blog should also have a preamble. Only, it would technically be not precisely a 'pre'amble - those who have done a data-structures major course would know what I mean, this should be better called an 'in'-amble.
This is going to be simple, I just need to state what this blog is going to be. Or rather, what I'm now planning now for it to be. So yes, here we go.

Firstly, atleast for quite some time, this will be an all-in-one blog. So you can see here many things -technology, music and movie reviews, anecdotes, and of course, more often, my own personal whimsies like the previous post. I decided that way since it's not really nice to play with a handful of blogs right from my debut - maybe one day I'll become a famous and well-read blogger, and then I'll keep different blogs to tend to different classes of my readers. Just joking. (And secretly hoping.)

Nextly, the update frequency of this blog will be roughly forthnightly. I'll normally come up with new posts once in two weeks - unless something really bad happens, like me being marooned with no means to access the internet, or me simply being not in the mood to blog. I think that is a safely spaced interval to post, without overwhelming my blog with too frequent posts. Of course, if sometimes I get stuck with an idea so special, and I can't resist the urge to tell you about it, I may break the forthnight rule and post it right away.

I'll try to footnote my blogs with a cue to what's coming up next. And I'll try my best to stick to my word.

And something important - I have no intention whatsoever to monetize my blog. If I can have a handful of people to read my blog, I'm happy with that. I'll never litter my blog with ads. I think they make a blog look ugly, and makes it lose quite much of its worth.

Lastly, it goes without saying, that, whatever you see in this blog represents the essential me. Even though some of the things are more 'me' than others, all these things are what make me up. Simply put, this blog is all about me, I'm (almost) all about this blog. This is the other reason why I opted for an all-in-one blog.

And finally, a word to you - your comments are always welcome. I desperately need feedback. Last night, a friend who had just read my blog told me that, "fine, does but your blog has a bit of arrogant tone to it?" Okay, I didn't know that - maybe it came from me trying to be a bit too frank and blunt - but now i can correct that.
So, my friends, keep 'feeding me back'. Comment, comment. Of course, those who know me can also tell me in person, or text me or whatever.

That's for today. I'll be back soon, and fulfil my word. Signing off. Poof.

[UP NEXT: What does the iPad mean to the casual gawker-geek? Of course, we're never gonna buy it, but should we really be fans?]


  1. Good luck with this blog! You already have a following so don't worry too much. I'll be sure to visit here when I have time. :)

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words. Hope I'll keep seeing you around. And of course, I'll be looking forward for your posts too.
    Take care. Bye.