Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I love undulations - for the way they take birth in things so trivial - like an empty metal bowl. I love them - for the way they emanate, expand and fill the space, knowing no bounds. I love the way they interact - with themselves and the world - interfering and diffracting.
I love these undulations - for they never die.

That's one of the two reason's why I named this blog undulations. Undulations are the next best thing to me since (no, sliced-bread is not what I'm about to say) Solitude. There's one more, and perhaps a bigger reason -
This is precisely the tragectory my life follows - a ceaseless undulation. A sinusoid. And I love it.

My life constantly riddled me with incomprehensible troughs and crests. It scared me, to the point of hating it - but not now, after I comprehended the rhythm. Now I know, for the deepest trough I fall in, there soon follows a mesmerizing climb back up. Followed by yet another fall. And the chain continues. I love it this way. I don't have to fear it would spiral wildly out of any control - or meander chaotically knowing no way. I can simply and blindly trust it to faithfully traverse the tagectory it so well knows.

I think all of us should look deep enough into our lives. Maybe we'll all have a hidden sinusoid there. Or any kind of pattern, a subtle regularity. Learning it, comprehending the way it works will render our lives far more easier to live. And the feeling, of knowing where your life is going - it's simply miraculous.

[Meanwhile, like I said before, not all my posts are gonna sound this way okay - so if this post kinda scares you, please don't go away. I might talk anything at all - right from poetry to mobile phones to popcorn to alien invasions.]
Coming up Next: I'm gonna review the iPad. Without even taking a look at it other than pictures.


  1. Hello. Thanks for leading me to your blog. You write well. And no, you didn't scare me away. :) I like philosophical stuff and yeah, it feels better when life is just a wave-like pattern rather than being chaotic.

    I'll be looking out for more of your posts. Get well soon!

  2. Thank you, Geek, for that kind words. And thanks for the prayers too. I'm rather well by now, I could go out today.
    Keep seeing you. Take care.